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In World of Warcraft, gold guides are the most popular, most populous and most commonly argued about form of information in the game. There are dozens of the things and they each claim to help you make fortunes in ways that most people are still struggling to figure out. The problem of course is that they don’t always have up to date information and many of them regurgitate old, tired tips that don’t help much. After all, if every guide on the Internet told players to go out and start farming on Titanium in Icecrown, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of that ore to go around – there’d be too much competition.

So, the key to a good World of Warcraft gold guide is instead to figure out what methods for making gold work best and to provide in-depth strategies that will work over time to boost gold making capacity. It’s impossible for a World of Warcraft gold guide this short to cover all that, but it can give you a good starting place so that you know what few things you really need to do when you go out to farm for gold every evening.

The Basics

As any good World of Warcraft gold guide will tell you, it’s important that you start out by knowing what few basic details are important for your character. This means you need to have a full set of bags and enough slots to hold everything you go farm. It also means you need to create a good ALT who can stay behind in the capital city of whatever faction you are from running errands between the Auction House and Mail Box. This will save you time for sure, but also make it easier to catch good deals and sell at the right time.

Additionally, you should install some key add-ons including the likes of Auctioneer and Enchantrix (they come in a combo package available from any add-on website), Gatherer for anyone with Herbalism or Mining, and Fishing Buddy for anyone with fishing. These add-ons will make it easier to keep track of the key pieces of information you need to have whenever you go to farm for raw materials or when you are buying and selling at the auction house.

The Right Professions

Every World of Warcraft gold guide will tell you which professions are best and which don’t work very well. In truth, you can make gold with any profession in the game if you are well prepared. However, there are a few that stand out as the best gold making opportunities by far. To start with there is Mining. Mining is the easiest profession, allowing you to go out and mine up between 300 and 1000 gold an hour worth of materials. Second, it is used by everything from Engineering and Blacksmithing to Jewelcrafting.

Herbalism is also a very popular profession, but because the nodes for most herbs tend to be randomized while mining nodes are all set and reset at given intervals, it is better for someone who can use the herbs to be an herbalist.

In terms of crafting, the better professions are Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, and Alchemy – all of which allow for quick, easy turnarounds on your materials. Enchanters have it best because they can disenchant just about any items in the game and with the right strategies can turn those disenchanted materials into solid profits. Alchemists profit best when they can cut material costs (if they gather their own), and when they can reach the Raiding community best (late afternoon and the weekends).

The other professions are still valuable though – don’t be fooled into thinking they are not. The least profitable for someone looking for raw profit would be leathercrafting and tailoring, the two that focus more intently on providing materials for specific classes. However, if you happen to wear these materials, you can do pretty well for yourself regardless of the demand for them.

This is Part 1 of 2 of our World of Warcraft Gold Guide. In Part 2 you’ll learn about The Auction House and how to put it all together to Turn it Into a Fortune: WoW Gold Guide.

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